Promotion Slot: Gutwrench, Death/Doom Metal

Gutwrench is… Like returning to ’88 – ’89 making Death Metal, the way that was conceived, the same for the recording and production, Gutwrench is a portal to the past: ’88 – ’89, to be more precise. Gutwrench is not pretentious, does not try to make an impression to anybody with virtuosity rudeness, no… Gutwrench is not retro! since proudly we lived and witnessed the birth and development of Death Metal, Gutwrench simply is… nostalgia of a better time gone in the underground, more honest than the present, full of pose and false attitudes.

The domain of the undead looms over the ungodly north of Mexico…
and its name is GUTWRENCH, evoking ghastly and putrid sounds like those that was hurled by the old corpses exhumed from their timeless graves.

As a trio the band recorded the debut demo “DOMAIN OF PURE PUTRESCENCE” in 2011 with the original lineup: CADAVEROUS, MORTUORIA & CORPUUS MORTUS.
In feb 2012, MORTUORIA left the band for good, then the band became a 4 piece lineup with the addition of Carlos Amaya A.K.A. WALKING CORPSE (Bass) and Tomas Pecina A.K.A. DEFLESHED (Drums).
Gutwrench’s debut full length album “MAUSOLEUM …TO DWELL & ROT IN”out now on RAZORBACK RECORDS.



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