Paul McGuire (Cerebral Bore) talks vocalist departure.

Paul McGuire, guitarist for UKDM band Cerebral Bore has spoken to regarding their recent vocalist departure.  You can read the full interview here How bad of a situation did that put you in before coming over?

McGuire: It’s a terrible situation. I had to borrow a few thousand pounds to pay for our flights, including Som’s, and she let me book the flight, and didn’t take it. I’m a thousand bucks out of pocket, and that’s the start of things. That’s the main issue — we were really struggling to get money for our flights and I managed to get the money and that happened, not to mention all the merchandise we had printed and all the shows that we had lined up. If we had pulled out, they would have had to re-contract the whole tour. So you can understand why we were upset for someone to pull out at the last minute. That would have put us in a hole, but I said no matter what, we’re going to do the tour; we need to honor our commitments. I just wish she had done the same. It’s cool if she wants to leave the band, but not talking to anyone… I thought it was a really unprofessional way to go about doing [things]. I can live with it; people not wanting to be in the band, but to not talk about it… I gave her plenty of opportunities to talk things over. I did that, but all she did was ignore me, then all this unfolded. It was literally 24 hours before we left.


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