Promotion Slot: Manic Depression, Thrash Metal

In November 1997 the guitar-tech. of famous legendary Russian band “Korroziya Metalla” Max Laiko known as “Max with Bolt” became the guitarist of “Koroziya Metalla” replacing the guitarist Konstantin Lepatov. Also Max Laiko became a vocalist of “Korrozia Metalla” wihle the lead-guitarist and vocalist Boroff leaved the band. So Max had to give up his main project “Empire Rising”, but the desire to

play 100% thrash metal was so significant that in 1999 at the same time Max took a part as a bassist and vocalist of unkown thrash metal project. In spring 2000 the project recorded demo “Who Deals The Pain” and took a name of “Manic Depression”, then Max invited to Manic Depression Il’ya Zudilov and became a guitarist and a singer of this band.

In April 2001 the demo ‘Who Deals The Pain’ was being released in compact cassets by indi-label “Hobgoblin records”.

In February 2002 Manic Depression won the competition from the ‘Play’ magazine for the beginning bands due to the sound being much heavier than that of rivals, and its ‘Words of Hate’ title song was released on the official magazine’s CD – “Play – Russkaya Sborka” (Play – Russian Release).

In spring 2003 the band decided to re-recorded demo for the first official album and started the recording; drum-set was recorded at the Chernyi Obelisk Studio (Black Obelisk) and the rest of music – at the own band’s studio – PowerSkya Studios. The final mastering in the middle of summer was done at VMH Studio and the band signs contract with Metalagen / Soyuz.

In October 26 Manic Depression officially presented its first СD “Who Deals The Pain”, which was very well met by the public and critics. At that moment there emerged a conflict as a result of which the band had to part ways with its drummer Vasilij Kazurov. After 4 months of search, he was replaced by Alexandr Vetkhov (Orgiya Pravednikov (Saint Men Orgy) band) and Manic Depression immediately started to work at the next album.

In spring 2005-winter 2006 the band recorded the second album. In February 2006 the Mystic Empire label released the second album – Planned Spiritual Decay – with the sound and quality quite at the level of well-known foreign bands. This album got positive responses from the leading rock and metal magazines worldwide. The official release day coincided with the concert of Destruction in Moscow, where Manic Depression performed as a supporting band. The official presentation took place on March 12 in Relax club with the support of such bands as Moray Eel, Devilish Distance, Everlost, Inexist. At the present moment the band is busy touring and writing the new songs.

In autumn 2006 – spring 2007 the band recorded mini-album “You’ll Be With Us Again” which instantly gave Manic Depression the title of the best thrash metal band of post-Soviet Union territory. This EP contains three brand new kicking ass tracks, Twisted Sister’s cover “Come Out And Play” and a new version of the song “As We Rising Inferno” (LP Planned Spiritual Decay) with Russian lyrics and with participation of the guest singer Shura Bi-II (former of pop-rock band Bi-II).

Summer 2008 – victory in the colossal Russian festival-contest “Get Started” and official recogniction as the best Russian metal band.

In summer 2009 ten new tracks were recorded for a new album with a working name “Impending Collapse”. The album is going to be realesed in September 2009.

So, see you on tour and thrash till death!

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