Promotion Slot:Sacred Mother Tongue, Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Sacred Mother Tongue have established themselves as one of the most respected British breakthrough artists in their genre.

They have consistently delivered their own potent Rock/Metal crossover mix, never failing to impress a crowd, whether playing on the huge festival stages of the likes of Download and Sonisphere to the well trodden UK and European circuit.

Since the debut single ‘Two Thousand Eight Hundred’ heralded their arrival on the scene and went on to reach number 4 in the Rock chart they have never looked back.

The album ‘The Ruin of Man’ swiftly followed and received widespread critical acclaim:
“This is quite simply huge. A massive battle cry and wake up call to the current Metal scene” [One Metal]
“Technical genius, soaring choruses, mammoth riffing. One of Britain’s most promising Metal acts” [Big Cheese]
“A wondrous mix of Killswitch Engage’s Metalcore edge, System Of A Down’s melodic genius & some stunning melodic invention throughout – the urgency, the riffs, the breakdowns, perfect from start to finish-check these guys out NOW!” [Subba Culture] ..

The comparisons drawn put Sacred Mother Tongue on the map, compounding Metal Hammer’s unequivocal statement: “The most convincing young British Metal band to emerge in a long time” ..

2012 sees the band enter a new phase kicking off with a headline tour of China plus festival appearances and then on to UK shows in support of their hotly anticipated second album produced by Scott Atkins and released Worldwide by EMI.

This new release will come in two parts the first of which is titled ‘A Light Shines’ and perfectly showcases the world class talent within the band with particular mention going to uber-shredder Andy James who is now widely regarded as one of the very best Metal players on the planet.

As quoted from industry publication Music Week – “This band have massive globe-bothering potential” – this year they will fulfil that potential.

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