Promotion Slot: Zonderhoof, Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Instrumental(ish)

Zonderhoof are based in South Wales and their music has been described as a “killer stoner-sludge-doom-metal hybrid with some heady atmospherics”. They first released their 3 track demo in 2006 which led to the release of their debut EP/Mini album on Sound Devastation Records in 2007. Their music is mostly instrumental, aggressive and very loud. Rooted in hard rock, hardcore punk and metal, the band take inspiration from a mixture of classic influences like Breach, Melvins and Black Sabbath mixed with similarities to present day bands such as High on Fire and Neurosis.

They often get compared them to other instrumental bands such as Keelhaul, Pelican and Capricorns amongst others.

Other influences come from gore/horror movie soundtracks, comic book violence and manipulated sound effects. The absence of a singer has been a conscious choice, hoping this way they force the audience to concentrate on and react to the band as a whole without being diverted by the presence of a frontman. Zonderhoof’s songs have context and meaning in line with the dark side of the human psyche throughout history and mankind’s pursuit of destruction.


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