Promotion Slot: Undersmile, Sludge/Doom

Undersmile formed in 2009, released their debut EP ‘A Sea of Dead Snakes’ on Blindsight Records in 2010 and a split EP with Caretaker in 2011 (again on Blindsight). In May 2012 they will release their debut album Narwhal on Future Noise Records.  Undersmile are a Female-Fronted Sludge/Doom band from Oxford.

They are:

Tom McKibbin on Drums
Olly Corona-Brown on Bass
Hel Sterne on Vocals and Lead Guitars
Taz Corona-Brown on Vocals and Guitars.

They grew up to the strains of Melvins, Mudhoney, Nick Cave, Babes In Toyland etc and are influenced by the slow/heavy sound of the early 90’s as well as the No-Wave bands, Harvey Milk, Flipper, Pissed Jeans etc…  They like cake, cream teas, power animals and receiving gifts and prizes.



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