Band Feature : Vrana – UK Blackened death metal from Bristol

Band Name:Vrana
From: Bristol, UK
Represent: Heavy riffs
Influences: Gojira, Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, Behemoth
Latest Release: Just one demo track online so far
YouTube: not yet, but hopefully have some live footage up soon
MySpace: myspace sucks
Bandcamp: not at the moment

1. How did Vrana get started?
I met Striga when I auditioned for his previous band. They didn’t want me, but they split soon after, so the two of us searched for a guitarist to start a band. We eventually found the young riff master, Nev. Having started to build a sound we advertised for a bassist, and found Paul in record time. Two guitars are better than one, so I nagged my good friend and ex-band mate Dave (of Irony Of Christ) to join, and he finally did! This solidified the line up and here we are.

2. What are your lyrical inspirations?
Generally anti-religious ramblings, with the odd HBO influence ;-).

3. How important are live shows for Vrana?
We’ve just played our first show and it went down a storm! It was great to perform live again (and pop Paul’s gig cherry!) as most of us hadn’t gigged in a while. I’d say live shows are pretty important.

4. What’s the song writing process like for Vrana? How do you come up with ideas.
So far Nev has pretty much written entire songs and demo’d them for us to learn.

5. What are your plans for the future?
We would like to get some more shows around the country, while we continue to write more material. Hopefully we’ll be ready to do a proper recording of a few tracks towards the end of the year.

Answered by Sacha.


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