Review – Revel in Flesh – 2012 – Deathevokation

Band: Revel in Flesh
Album: Deathevokation
Year: 2012
Tracks: 10
Length: 48mins
Label: F.D.A. Rekotz
Review: This is Revel in Flesh’s first album. They are a German band playing old school Death Metal. The low tuned buzz saw guitars are present, drums are simplistic and the vocals are growled to fit. The lyrics about war, death and suffering are limited and are quite repetitive – the song ‘Iron Coffin’ is an example of this (the title is repeated sixteen times on the lyric sheet). Some of the songs have the odd drop out in the overall sound, leaving a bit too much distance between each instrument. While this could be used as an effect it doesn’t really work here. The overall grumble with this album is that the songs are a bit long and don’t keep my attention. That being said, they are on the right track and if you’re new to this style of music, Revel in Flesh isn’t a bad place to start.
Score: 7/10


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