Moonspell show you their “Lickanthrope”

The video for the song “Lickanthrope” by Moonspell has been released, see below.  The video was directed by Filipe Melo, who has worked on a previous video for the song”I Will See You In My Dreams.”  The full version can be seen at the bands Facebook page here

“Lickanthrope” is taken off the new Moonspell album entitled “Alpha Noir” released on April 27 via Napalm Records.

“Alpha Noir” deluxe box set track listing:
CD 1
01. Axis Mundi
02. Lickanthrope
03. Versus
04. Alpha Noir
05. En Nome Do Medo
06. Opera Carne
07. Love is Blasphemy
08. Grand Stand
09. Sine Missione

CD 2
01. White Omega
02. White Skies
03. Fireseason
04. New Tears Eve
05. Herodisiac
06. Incantatrix
07. Sacrificial
08. A Greater Darkness


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