Review – Impiety – 2012 – Ravage & Conquer

Band: Impiety
Album: Ravage & Conquer
Year: 2012
Tracks: 8
Length: 48mins
Label: Pulverised Records
Review: The notes that accompany this album say that “Ravage & Conquer” was written in one week, rehearsed the following week and then recorded in the two weeks after that. Impressive stuff considering it all was done right off the back of a US tour! This, their eighth studio album offers six new songs, a re-recording of ‘Salve the Goat’ and a cover of “Sacrifice” by Bathory. The guitar sound is very clear and the riffs intertwine like snakes making love. Lyrics and vocal style are well placed and spread over the music really well. The bass fills any gaps but it’s not too high in the mix. The only minor issue is that the drums are so fast the details get lost. The overall result is that “Ravage & Conquer” is not the sort of album you would have as background music, it’s got way too much attitude for casual listening.
Score: 8/10


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