Review – Hour of Penance – 2012 – Sedition

Band: Hour of Penance
Album: Sedition
Year: 2012
Tracks: 9
Length: 31mins
Label: Prosthetic Records
Review: Every track on this album is fast. This, Hour of Penance’s fifth album has a very full production. With a thick guitar sound and only a hairs width between each instrument, tracks like “Deprave to Redeem,” “Enlightened Submission” and “Ascension” show this off very well. A favourable comparison can be made to Behemoth in terms of sound and the fan-base this will appeal to. The only thing that could be seen as ‘patchy’ are the drums when doing tom rolls, although this is only fleeting when it does happen. With brutal song writing and short album length, it’s easy to hit repeat for a second listen and closer inspection.
Score: 8/10


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