Review – Gorod – 2012 – A Perfect Absolution

Band: Gorod
Album: A Perfect Absolution
Year: 2012
Tracks: 8
Length: 39mins
Label: Listenable Records
Review: I have to thank the Youtube review community for this album nod. Gorod have been around since 2005 and progress with every album. They meld together a few styles; technical death metal, metal core riffs and emotional twin melodic harmonies for starters. The opening track “Birds Of Sulphur” is a good example of this. Some could say that this mixes together a few too many styles however, they would be missing the point of what Gorod are about. ‘Varangian Paradise,’ is a real melon twister of a song compared with the other seven tracks on this album. A disco intro and exotic grooves is really something of a break even if only for a few bars at a time. ‘A Perfect Absolution’ is a great album to whet your appetite to go and explore their back catalogue.
Score: 7/10


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