Band Feature : Ghast– UK Black metal/Doom metal from Swansea, South Wales

Band Name: Ghast
From: Swansea, South Wales
Represent: Myrggh: Black metal, Doom metal
Influences: Kz: The Grateful Dead, Neurosis, Quicksand, The Shadows. Myrggh: My Dying Bride, Profanatica, Mayhem
Latest Release: The “Club Bearer” Single

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1. How did Ghast get started?
Kz: My involvement started in the pub with clouded judgement, the idea was to jam, but we ended up calling ourselves Souldust and being a band, after about 3 years we changed our name to Ghast.
Myrggh: Rather conveniently for me, we formed immediately after Mulch went into indefinite hiatus. The idea was to be heavy and unpleasant. Souldust becoming Ghast marked an exaggeration of heaviness and unpleasantness. We really didn’t have any expectations when we formed, but people actually listened, so we did an album and things grew from there.
Arrr: I had a few songs written that I wanted to play, so I contacted Myrggh via his brother Mav, who also played with us for a while, and bumped into Kz in the pub and asked him, because I knew he was a drummer who played some aggresive stuff.

2. What are your lyrical inspirations?
Arrrr: Doom and feeble but slightly heroic and romanticised death.

3. How important are live shows for Ghast?
Kz: I don’t know.
Myrggh: They let us know how well we’re doing. More people have been coming recently, which is nice. And I enjoy being given the opportunity to parade around like a fool with delusions of grandeur in front of a room full of people.
Arrr: They keep us going, reminding us that people enjoy it.

4. What’s the recording process like for Ghast?
Kz: We take a long time to get round to recording, but once we are recording we are very quick.
Myrggh: We aim to get the right feel regardless of whether or not we have played our parts correctly; obviously there are limits to the severity of errors we can allow to appear on our recordings. The actual process is a bit different every time. May The Curse Bind was done as individual overdubs, Terrible Cemetery was semi-live I think. Both were done by Swine in the Compound on whatever software he uses. Club Bearer was a live analogue recording, probably 1 or 2 takes. There is usually drinking involved when we record but we try not to let it take over.
Arrrr: in and out.

5. What are your plans for the future?
Myrggh: Album number 2. Its nearly all written. Its been 4 years since we recorded the last one so its about bloody time. Life gets in the way all the time, see.
Kz: Relax (it’s only paranoia).
Arrrr: Making the second album as good as it can be.

Answered by Myrggh, Kz and Arrrr


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