Review – Aura Noir – 2012 – Out to Die

Band:Aura Noir
Album:Out to Die
Label:Indie Recordings
Review:  “Out to Die” is Aura Noir’s fifth album.  Following on in their already well known writing technique (stabbing jazzy chords and balls to the wall sound) they take no prisoners.  The first three tracks are fast and furious, moving to a mid paced tempo change for the longest song on the album “The Grin from the Gallows.”   The pace then picks up again for another short song “Withheld” before the brilliantly titled “Priest’s Hellish Fiend.” Again, another catchy mid tempo beast for the better part.  The last two tracks are possibly the fastest “Deathwish” and “Out to Die”  which is also the most obscure.  This title track has quirky riffs, hectic patters and harsher melodies.  With lyrics talking generally about unpleasant situations and the music being somewhere between High on Fire, Motorhead and Slayer, this is a very strong release.

Score: 8/10


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