Band Feature : Thorun – UK Instrumental Stoner-Doom Groove from South Wales

Band Name: Thorun
From: Cardiff / Caerphilly – South Wales, UK
Represent: Instrumental Stoner-Doom Groove
Influences: Weedeater, Pelican (early), Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Red Fang…too many to list
Latest Release: Chorus Of Giants (6 track EP)

Web Links:

1. How did Thorun get started?

Not really a magical tale, more a case of a bunch of guys looking for the same thing…a way to play loud, slow riffs through big speakers. Myself and Jonny Evans (guitar) had already been in a few bands together and we decided to put together something new. The rest was done using the wonders of the internet. Mike Johnson (Drums) was advertising his skills through a well known musicians website and Neal Palmer (Bass) got in touch through a local forum called “South Wales Massive”. We decided to get together for a jam and things started to fit together. Within a few months we had enough material for a 5 track Demo/EP that received some great reviews and from there things have progressed nicely.

2. With being an instrumental band, how does this affect the writing process?

The writing process is not that different from writing with a vocalist, accept for the fact that vocal melodies are replaced with changing riffs and layers of guitar, bass and drums. To keep things interesting we tend to shift through parts and change things up a lot. To be totally honest there is a lot of trial and error, we all bring ideas to rehearsal and see if we can fit them together; whatever works stays, whatever sounds like shit gets binned. There is a fair amount of freedom that comes with being totally instrumental, we can just jam things out as a band without worrying about the space required for a singer, it also means that we have more room for volume!

3. How important are live shows for Thorun?

Live shows are the most important thing for us. We spend a lot of time rehearsing our live set, trying to get the sound as big and as tight as possible. Without live shows there’s pretty much no point in being in a band. We’re all in to music in a big way so playing live also gives us the chance to see other cool bands who we might not have heard otherwise.

4. What’s the recording process like for Thorun?

Very simple; we set up in a room, put microphones in front of everything and play the songs. Our last record was completed in one session and mixed over a few days. No trickery or Pro-tools magic. We don’t have anything against high production values but it just doesn’t seem to fit in with our sound. We wanted to get the clearest representation of our live sound down without the colouration.

5. What are your plans for the future?

Next step, to write more stuff. Then record a mini album and play as many shows as possible. After that we’ll see what happens.

Answered by: Keeran Williams


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