Cauldron update from Europe.

Guitarist Ian Chains from the Heavy Metal band Cauldron has sent this update from their European tour.

“The Burning Europe tour so far has been an endless supply of self-cleaning rotating toilets, fizzy water, public hostels with old men walking around in yellowed underwear, giant hot dogs with miniature buns, dirt cheap Czech beer, 1 Euro skin rags, Jason washing his hair with his deodorant, and feeling like you can scrape a bucket of Crisco off your face.

“The shows have been great so far, the crowds have been savage, and we’re having a non-stop pardy crammed in a van with our buds from Striker! We’ve been hanging out in Prague for the past couple days since we were lucky enough to blow our alternator on our day off. We’ve broken down before in worse places…! like we’ll get back to the Burning part of the tour in no time. We’re looking forward to the rest of the tour cause you guys are wild man… WILD!!!”


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