Band Feature : Throes – UK Blackend Metal from England

Band Name: Throes
From: Bristol, England
Genre: Drugs, Alchemy, Self loathing & Abuse/Blackend Metal
Influences: Deathspell Omega, Hell Militia, Arkhon Infaustus, Diapsiquir, Neurosis
Latest Release: Dissociative (Coming Mid 2012)

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1. How did Throes get started?

The first incarnation of Throes was an all-together different beast. It was formed by Ex-Irony of Christ front man Sacha Darwin as a means of venting his aspirations for drumming and also for Doom laden metal. From this humble beginning and with various transformations along the way including myself joining on bass, then taking over guitars and vocals, Throes has now found its signature of sorts.

2. What are your lyrical inspirations?

To be frank over many years of being part of the UK Black metal scene or should I say the excuse of a scene. I grew fantastically bored with the standard approach of many U.K black metal bands. ” We are a black metal band therefore we have to sound like Darkthrone and wear corpse paint”. Traditionally black metal has only really been concerned about Satanism/occultism and conveying that message through the lyrical content. Although these are issues or questions addressed in some Throes songs, they are not my primary concern. Debating the metaphysical or basically plagiarising manuscripts or scared texts of which ever camp you belong to underneath the satanic umbrella has never been a viewpoint I wished to adopt lyrically.

With the various songs to come forth on the E.P the main subject matter concerned and put forward is generally focused on drug abuse or self abuse topics.

3. How important are live shows for Throes?

The live shows albeit very rare and spaced out it seems at the moment do play a key role I feel in how a band delivers its aggression and method. Bands in this day an age need to be able to perform and take their message to people in the flesh.

4. What’s the recording process like for Throes?


5. What are your plans for the future?

2012 ushers in the revelation of “Dissociative” E.P (Working title at the moment). From this there will be a select and carefully planned regime of live performances. After this is completed we can but only speculate.

Answered by Daniel Jones-Gillett


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