Band Feature : Scordatura – UK Death Metal from Scotland

Band Name: Scordatura
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Genre: Death Metal
Influences: Suffocation, Aborted, Cryptopsy, Cerebral bore, Pantera
Latest Release: 2 track teaser demo of our debut album.

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Big Cartel:

1. You’ve been going since 2008. In 2010 you finalised the line up. How has this changed the band?

We went through a few member changes due to commitment issues and have finally found a line-up that works as a solid unit. The new material we have been writing is stronger and more focused than ever before, and we have been gigging outside of Scotland for the first time, in England and Wales. To have everyone in the band now pulling in the same direction is brilliant.

2. How did the the Scordatura sound come about?

Myself & Owen have written the music and lyrics since we started, and especially since we finalised the line up last year, I’ve noticed the whole songwriting process has gotten a lot easier (and a lot more fun) now that we all know what kind of sound we’re after.

We practise a lot, so we get a lot of time to jam riffs out to see if they work with the rest of the music, I’d rather have a song filled with riffs that flow together and stay in your head than a song that sounds like its been copy and pasted together on the computer in half an hour, with a slam added in the middle as an afterthought.

We’re not too bothered about being the heaviest, slammiest or fastest band, we’d rather just write some good tunes, I think that counts for a lot more!

3. Playing live and recording. Tell us a bit about both for Scordatura

Playing live is our favourite part of being in this band. To be able to get people jumping about crazy to our music and to have people shouting along with us makes it even better. It’s only in the last month that we’ve started playing gigs outside of Scotland, and it’s always good to see people you’ve never met before enjoying the music you wrote, while you’re having a great time playing it to them.
Whenever we record, we sort out click tracks etc well in advance and have all the material as tight as we possibly can before going into the studio, as it makes everything a lot less stressful and means we don’t spend more time or money than we have to.

4. What’s your opinion of the UK scene right now?

I think the UK scene has the potential to be great, it’s just not there yet. The amount of quality extreme metal bands the UK has come out with in the last few years is brilliant, only thing is hardly anyone comes out to see them play live! Hopefully things will change in the next few years though, would be great to see venues packed full of people again!

5. What’s the plan for 2012?

We already have plans to be in Europe in 2012. We hope to be doing a week long tour with some great bands in the middle of the year, and then get back out in the UK later on in the year.  We will also hopefully be releasing our debut album in 2012. We will be hitting the studio around March/April to record in Scotland and then sending the tracks off for mixing and mastering.

Answered by Dave Coia & Owen McKendrick.


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