Who said quality was dead? Nevermore!

To say that Nevermore are a highly talented band is always going to be an obvious statement.  Thick well produced, stunning song writing (all the songs are musically fantastic and resolve on sweet spots all the time) and great attention to detail.  After 20 years playing together Jef Loomis, along with Van Williams left Nevermore giving personal and musical none other than Warrel Dane.  This was back in April this year.

The guitars in this band have always stood out well along with the well tuned voice of Warrel.  No to take anything away form the rythm section but these two did start the band along with now restaurant owner Jim Sheppard.

NB Jeff Loomis tried out for Megadeth but Dave Mustaine didn’t take him on due to lack of tour experience.  On the other hand, Dave encouraged him to keep going and with great results. Dave has also asked for Jeff to join the band but is working on a solo album.


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