In the beginning there was a new post…

God I hate starting something new like this.

First – Everyone says something like “Welcome to my first post” or “Welcome to the new web page”  The fact is that I’ve been into this music since I was really young.  Iron Maiden “Run to the Hills” to be exact was possibly my first experience of “metal”  Not a bad place to start eh?

Second – stating what you hope to do with a page like this eg, reviews, notes, rants and crap like that.  Fact that is called MetalPizza might point you in the right direction.  If not, THIS PAGE IS ABOUT METAL MUSIC!

Third – Why the ridicilous name?  Well, I reckon it would stick in peoples minds.

Enough of the introduction.  Down to business.  A few people asked me about Black Sabbath getting back together.  Great, they did that a few years back a did some shows in their hometown of Birmingham with Fear Factory as support.  I’m almost certain that I’ve seen them at that Download Festival in 2005.  It’s not like it’s something new for me.  Great, crank out the tunes again dudes!

In the meantime – Anthrax!


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